While bobbleheads are predictable,

While bobbleheads are predictable,

While bobbleheads are predictable, bobblelegs are cool. The Eastern League affiliate of the Cleveland Indians in Akron will give the first 1,000 fans to its June 25 game a Willy Mays Hayes bobbleleg. Hayes is a character from the popular “Major League” movie.

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“The community needs to educate people more on the proper care of a pet,” Croft said. “I don’t think it’s any longer in society acceptable to tie a dog 24 hours a day, warm or not, outside. There are a lot of dogs that are just tied and left outside.

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People had never seen a Westerner before, or at least for a very long time, Njamunge says, referring to Godfrey. School planned a ceremony for us. When we presented the books, parents and community leaders turned out. “There’s this whole generation of shoppers that hadn’t seen realistic mannequins,” says Harry E. Cunningham, a senior vice president at Saks. “We saw it as an opportunity.”Others also see opportunities.