2016 Cyber Game 電競大賽

2016 Cyber Game 電競大賽


本次電競大賽由香港科技大學內地 學生學者聯誼會電競俱樂部&香港科技大學內地學生學者聯誼會 本科部聯合舉辦,旨在為廣大電競愛好者提供交流學習的平台。 New Balance Soldes 大賽為冠軍與普通觀眾準備了豐厚獎品。 Parajumpers Homme 踴躍參加,享受電競的樂趣!


大項目:英雄聯盟(港澳臺服)、 爐石戰記(亞服)、Dota2CS1.6

小項目: Cytus,節奏大師

初赛:201648日(星期五)& 49日(星期六);



Counter Striker 1.6: 點擊參見規則





完成線上報名后,請於2016331日 至 4月1 日 19:00 – 20:00 前往lift 29-30, 6/F, Common area 繳費確認


1. Air Jordan 1 比賽具體賽程與地點將在報名完成 後通知。不便之處,敬請諒解。

2. Nike Air Odyssey 本次英雄聯盟比賽將採用港澳台服 務器。請參賽選手自行準備賬號,或聯繫本次比賽主辦方使用有償提供的遊戲賬號。

3. Nike Air Max 2016 Homme 本次大賽有償招募解說。如有 興趣,可點擊鏈接報名: http://goo.gl/forms/eJ1XJrds3s

如您有任何關於電競大賽的疑問, 請電郵至:

香港科技大學內地學生學者聯誼會 電競俱樂部


本次活動獲Student Enrichment Activities Fund贊助 (2015-16秋冬)



Dear all,

The following is sent on behalf of the Mainland Students and Scholars Society (MSSS).Chinese version can be found after the English version. (中文版在英文版之後)

You are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming “eSports (cyber game) Competition” jointly organized by MSSS eSports Club and MSSSUG. Saint Joseph’s Hawks Jerseys This event aims to provide an integrated communication platform for cyber game amateurs among UST community.

And here, you will enjoy and share the passion and fun of cyber games and make friends with different backgrounds.

Prizes will be awarded to those winning competitors with outstanding performance and skill during the games.

Events and details:

Major events:League of Legends / Hearthstone / Dota 2 /Counter Striker 1.6

Mini games: Rhythm Master / Cytus

Regulation and game details:

LOL League of Legends: Click for detail

Counter Striker 1.6: Click for detail

Hearthstone: Click for detail

Game date: 8th and 9th Apr 2016

Online registration deadline: 23:59, 29th March, 2016

Entry fee: 30HKD (20HKD refundable after the event)

Payment information:

Please pay the entry fee to confirm your registration at:

Common area, lift 29-30, 6/F, 19:00~20:00 on 31st Mar. / 1st April

Special notes:

1. The agenda and venue will be informed soon.

2. Please prepare your personal account and PC. You may also rent an account provided by sponsor if needed, please contact us for further details.

3. Timberland Chukka Bottes We are looking for volunteers who can well commentate games in English for our major events. Canada Goose Resolute Special gifts will be awarded for the support.